Health:585 Health Regen:8 Mana:410 Mana Regen:11.5 Attack Damage:68 Attack Speed:0.625 Armor:38 Magic Resist:32.1 Range:175 Movement Speed:340

Passive: The Darkin Scythe
At one point in the game, Kayn will permanently transform into either a Shadow Assassin or a Darkin.

Q: Reaping Slash
Kayn dashes, then slashes. Both deal damage.

W: Blade's Reach
Kayn damages and slows targets in a line.

E: Shadow Step
Kayn can walk through terrain.

R: Umbral Trespass
Kayn hides in an enemy's body, dealing massive damage when he bursts out.

Ally Tips

  • Look at the line-up of both your team and the enemy's team when picking your form.

  • Remember that nearby enemies can see which wall you're in.

Opponent Tips

  • Umbral Trespass requires Kayn to damage a target first. Try to dodge Blade's Reach to deny him a long range cast of Umbral Trespass.

  • When Kayn is in terrain near you, you will get a visual warning on the edge of the terrain he's in.

  • Damage Kayn while he's in Shadow Step to shorten its duration, or apply hard crowd control (stun, charm, knockup, etc) to end Shadow Step immediately.


A peerless practitioner of lethal shadow magic, Shieda Kayn battles to achieve his true destiny—to one day lead the Order of Shadow into a new era of Ionian supremacy. He wields the sentient darkin weapon Rhaast, undeterred by its creeping corruption of his body and mind. There are only two possible outcomes: either Kayn bends the weapon to his will... or the malevolent blade consumes him completely, paving the way for the destruction of all Runeterra.