Gold 300
Slightly increases Attack Speed

+12% Attack Speed
Builds Into

Zephyr Mobility and Tenacity 900 Gold Recurve Bow Greatly increases Attack Speed 400 Gold Wit's End Deals bonus magic damage on basic attacks 380 Gold Berserker's Greaves Enhances Movement Speed and Attack Speed 500 Gold Wriggle's Lantern Life Steal and Spell Vamp, activate to place a ward 100 Gold Kircheis Shard Attack speed and a chargable magic hit 500 Gold Runaan's Hurricane Ranged attacks fire two bolts at nearby enemies 900 Gold Zeal Slight bonuses to Critical Strike Chance, Movement Speed and Attack Speed 600 Gold Stormrazor Start fights with a flurry of critical strikes 500 Gold Phantom Dancer Move faster near enemies and reduce incoming damage 800 Gold Stinger Increased Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction 500 Gold