Guinsoo's Rageblade

Increases Attack Speed, Armor Penetration, and Magic Penetration

+25 Attack Damage
+25 Ability Power
+25% Attack Speed

Passive: Basic attacks deal 15 magic damage on hit.
UNIQUE Passive - Last Whisper: Gain 15% Armor Penetration.
UNIQUE Passive - Dissolve: Gain 15% Magic Penetration.
UNIQUE Passive: Basic attacks grant +8% Attack Speed for 5 seconds (up to 6 stacks). At max stacks, gain Guinsoo's Rage.

Guinsoo's Rage: Every 3 basic attacks, trigger on hit effects twice.

While at half stacks, melee champions' next attack will fully stack Rageblade.
Builds From

Amplifying Tome Slightly increases Ability Power 435 Recurve Bow Greatly increases Attack Speed 400 Pickaxe Moderately increases Attack Damage 875