Long Sword

Gold 350
Slightly increases Attack Damage

+10 Attack Damage
Builds Into

Tiamat Melee attacks hit nearby enemies 350 Gold Executioner's Calling Overcomes enemies with high health gain 450 Gold Vampiric Scepter Basic attacks restore Health 550 Gold Wriggle's Lantern Life Steal and Spell Vamp, activate to place a ward 100 Gold Hexdrinker Increases Attack Damage and Magic Resist 500 Gold Serrated Dirk Increases Attack Damage and Lethality 400 Gold Caulfield's Warhammer Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction 400 Gold Lifeline Marks the ground, and returns you there after a few moments 550 Gold Stormrazor Start fights with a flurry of critical strikes 500 Gold Last Whisper Overcomes enemies with high Armor 950 Gold Phage Attacks and kills give a small burst of speed 500 Gold Jaurim's Fist Attack Damage and stacking Health on Unit Kill 450 Gold The Bloodthirster Grants Attack Damage, Life Steal and Life Steal now overheals 950 Gold Wicked Hatchet Critical Strikes cause your target to bleed 450 Gold Bilgewater Cutlass Activate to deal magic damage and slow target champion 250 Gold Poacher's Dirk Transforms into a Serrated Dirk after poaching in the enemy jungle. 150 Gold