Long Sword

Slightly increases Attack Damage

10 Attack Damage
Builds Into

Umbral Glaive Provides trap and ward detection periodically 800 Black Cleaver Dealing physical damage to enemy champions reduces their Armor 850 Wit's End Resist magic damage and claw your way back to life. 750 Vampiric Scepter Basic attacks restore Health 550 Manamune Increases Attack Damage based on maximum Mana 1050 Last Whisper Overcomes enemies with high Armor 750 Phage Attacks and kills give a small burst of speed 350 Phantom Dancer Move faster while attacking enemies and gain a shield when on low health. 850 Hearthbound Axe 450 Edge of Night Periodically blocks enemy abilities 1050 Executioner's Calling Overcomes enemies with high health gain 450 Caulfield's Warhammer Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction 400 Serrated Dirk Increases Attack Damage and Lethality 400 Hexdrinker Increases Attack Damage and Magic Resist 500 Noonquiver 300 Eclipse 850