Spellthief's Edge

Gold 400
Grants gold when you damage enemies

+10 Ability Power
+2 Gold per 10 seconds
+25% Base Mana Regen

UNIQUE Passive - Tribute: Damaging spells and attacks against champions or buildings deal 13 additional magic damage and grant 10 Gold per unique spell cast. This can occur up to 3 times every 30 seconds. Before quest completion, killing minions and non-epic monsters slows Tribute and gold generation.QUEST: Earn 500 gold using this item and upgrade to Frostfang.
REWARD: Gain UNIQUE Active - Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 3 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.

Limited to 1 Gold Income or Jungle item.
Builds Into

Frostfang Grants gold when you damage an enemy 325 Gold