Trinity Force

Tons of Damage

+250 Health
+250 Mana
+25 Attack Damage
+40% Attack Speed
+20% Cooldown Reduction
+5% Movement Speed

UNIQUE Passive - Rage: Basic attacks grant 20 Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Kills grant 60 Movement Speed instead. This Movement Speed bonus is halved for ranged champions.
UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade: After using an ability, the next basic attack deals bonus physical damage equal to 200% of base Attack Damage on hit (1.5 second cooldown).
Builds From

Stinger Increased Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction 500 Sheen Grants a bonus to next attack after spell cast 700 Phage Attacks and kills give a small burst of speed 500
Builds Into

Trinity Fusion Tons of Damage 0