Blade of The Ruined King

Deals damage based on target's Health, can steal Movement Speed

40 Attack Damage
25% Attack Speed
10% Life Steal
Mist's Edge: Attacks apply physical damage On-Hit equal to (10% for Melee users | 6% for Ranged users) of the target's current Health. Siphon: Attacking a champion 3 times deals 40 - 150 (based on level) magic damage and steals 25% Move Speed for 2 seconds (20s cooldown).

Maximum Mist's Edge damage dealt to monsters and minions is 60.
Item performance differs for melee and ranged users.
Builds From

Vampiric Scepter Basic attacks restore Health 550 Recurve Bow Greatly increases Attack Speed 400 Pickaxe Moderately increases Attack Damage 875