Cloak of Agility

Increases critical strike chance

15% Critical Strike Chance
Builds Into

Guinsoo's Rageblade Increases Attack Speed, Armor Penetration, and Magic Penetration 900 The Collector 425 Zeal Slight bonuses to Critical Strike Chance, Movement Speed and Attack Speed 150 Infinity Edge Massively enhances critical strikes 625 Lord Dominik's Regards Overcomes enemies with high health and armor 950 Bloodthirster Grants Attack Damage, Life Steal and Life Steal now overheals 600 Stormrazor Tremendously empower other Energized effects. 100 Mercurial Scimitar Activate to remove all crowd control debuffs and grant massive Movement Speed 225 Essence Reaver 400 Galeforce 625 Kraken Slayer 625 Immortal Shieldbow 600 Navori Quickblades 825