Cloth Armor

Slightly increases Armor

15 Armor
Builds Into

Chain Vest Greatly increases Armor 500 Gargoyle Stoneplate Greatly increases defense near multiple enemies. 1050 Bramble Vest 200 Seeker's Armguard Increases Armor and Ability Power 265 Glacial Buckler Increases Armor and Cooldown Reduction 250 Plated Steelcaps Enhances Movement Speed and reduces incoming basic attack damage 500 Warden's Mail 400 Aegis of the Legion Grants Armor and Magic Resistance 750 Turbo Chemtank Immobilize enemies to gain a shield. Activate to run faster at opponents. 950 Randuin's Omen Greatly increases defenses, activate to slow nearby enemies 600 Frostfire Gauntlet High Magic Resist.Passively slow nearby enemies. When spells are cast near you, release a wave of energy that damages and slows. 950