Gold 850
Grants gold when you damage an enemy

+20 Ability Power
+2 Gold per 10 seconds
+50% Base Mana Regen
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Passive - Tribute: Damaging spells and attacks against champions or buildings deal 18 additional magic damage and grant 20 Gold per unique spell cast. This can occur up to 3 times every 30 seconds. Before quest completion, killing minions and non-epic monsters slows Tribute and gold generation.QUEST: Earn 500 gold using this item.
REWARD: Gain UNIQUE Active - Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 3 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.

Limited to 1 Gold Income or Jungle item.
Builds From

Spellthief's Edge Grants gold when you damage enemies 400 Gold Faerie Charm Slightly increases Mana Regen 125 Gold
Builds Into

Remnant of the Watchers Provides Ability Power and Stealth Wards over time 550 Gold