Null-Magic Mantle

Slightly increases Magic Resist

25 Magic Resist
Builds Into

Gargoyle Stoneplate Greatly increases defense near multiple enemies. 1050 Negatron Cloak Moderately increases Magic Resist 450 Aegis of the Legion Grants Armor and Magic Resistance 750 Spectre's Cowl Improves defense and grants regeneration upon being damaged 400 Mercury's Treads Increases Movement Speed and reduces duration of disabling effects 350 Quicksilver Sash Activate to remove all crowd control debuffs 850 Turbo Chemtank Immobilize enemies to gain a shield. Activate to run faster at opponents. 950 Hexdrinker Increases Attack Damage and Magic Resist 500 Verdant Barrier 115 Frostfire Gauntlet High Magic Resist.Passively slow nearby enemies. When spells are cast near you, release a wave of energy that damages and slows. 950