Stalker's Blade

Lets your Smite slow Champions

Limited to 1 Gold Income or Jungle item.

+10% Life Steal vs. Monsters

UNIQUE Passive - Chilling Smite: Smite can be cast on enemy champions, dealing reduced true damage and stealing 20% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
UNIQUE Passive - Tooth / Nail: Basic attacks vs. monsters deal 40 bonus damage. Damaging a monster with a spell or attack steals 30 Health over 5 seconds and burns them for 80 magic damage. While in the jungle or river, regenerate up to 8 Mana per second based on your missing Mana. This item grants Monster Hunter.
Builds From

Hunter's Talisman Provides damage against Monsters and Mana Regen in the Jungle 350 Hunter's Machete Provides damage and life steal versus Monsters 350
Builds Into

Enchantment: Cinderhulk Grants Health and Immolate Aura 600 Enchantment: Warrior Grants Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction 525 Enchantment: Runic Echoes Grants Ability Power and periodically empowers your Spells 250 Enchantment: Bloodrazor Increases Attack Speed and deals damage based on the target's Health 625