The Golden Spatula


70 Attack Damage
120 Ability Power
50% Attack Speed
30% Critical Strike Chance
250 Health
30 Armor
30 Magic Resist
250 Mana
20 Ability Haste
10% Move Speed
10% Life Steal
100% Base Health Regen
100% Base Mana Regen
Doing Something: You are permanently On Fire!
Builds From

B. F. Sword Greatly increases Attack Damage 1300 Vampiric Scepter Basic attacks restore Health 550 Zeal Slight bonuses to Critical Strike Chance, Movement Speed and Attack Speed 150 Needlessly Large Rod Greatly increases Ability Power 1250 Kindlegem Increases Health and Cooldown Reduction 400 Aegis of the Legion Grants Armor and Magic Resistance 750