Increases Health and Cooldown Reduction

200 Health
10 Ability Haste
Builds From

Ruby Crystal Increases Health 400
Builds Into

Spirit Visage Increases Health and healing effects 850 Shurelya's Battlesong Activate to speed up nearby allies. 750 Locket of the Iron Solari Activate to shield nearby allies from damage 200 Moonstone Renewer Your heals and shields cool down faster and have greater effect on low health allies 750 Black Cleaver Dealing physical damage to enemy champions reduces their Armor 850 Goredrinker 300 Zeke's Convergence Grants you and your ally bonuses when you cast your ultimate. 700 Trinity Force Tons of Damage 733 Warmog's Armor Grants massive Health and Health Regen 650 Redemption Activate to heal allies and damage enemies in an area 700 Knight's Vow Partner with an ally to protect each other 700 Randuin's Omen Greatly increases defenses, activate to slow nearby enemies 600 Imperial Mandate Defer damage until later. 750 The Golden Spatula It does EVERYTHING! 687 Cosmic Drive Massive amounts of Cooldown Reduction 865 Stridebreaker 300 Divine Sunderer 700 Everfrost 450