Also Known As

Heim, Heimer, Heimy, Donger

Health:488 Health Regen:7 Mana:385 Mana Regen:8 Attack Damage:56 Attack Speed:0.625 Armor:19 Magic Resist:30 Range:550 Movement Speed:340

Passive: Hextech Affinity
Gain Movement Speed while near allied towers and turrets deployed by Heimerdinger.

Q: H-28 G Evolution Turret
Heimerdinger lays down a rapid-fire cannon turret equipped with a secondary pass-through beam attack (turrets deal half damage to towers).

W: Hextech Micro-Rockets
Heimerdinger fires long-range rockets that converge on his cursor.

E: CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade
Heimerdinger lobs a grenade at a location, dealing damage to enemy units, as well as stunning anyone directly hit and slowing surrounding units.

Heimerdinger invents an upgrade, causing his next spell to have increased effects.

Ally Tips

  • Turret placement can be a deciding factor in a battle. Against most enemies turrets are best when they can support each other, but if the enemy has a lot of area of effect damage your turrets can be destroyed quickly. Placing turrets in brush can lead to a surprise attack in your favor.

  • The success of Electron Storm Grenade is very important to Heimerdinger's survival. The slow and stun both are capable of keeping enemies in place long enough to punish them, but it is also the first line of defense against a surprise attack.

  • Spreading out Hextech Micro-Rockets leads to more reliable damage and more efficiency against multiple targets, but focusing it creates the biggest impact.

Opponent Tips

  • It's better to destroy all of Heimerdinger's turrets at once with the help of creeps than to fight them one at a time.

  • Be wary of Heimerdinger's Upgrade!!!, as he can use it to find an answer to most trouble he gets into. Once his ultimate is down, go in for the kill!


A brilliant yet eccentric yordle scientist, Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger is one of the most innovative and esteemed inventors Piltover has ever known. Relentless in his work to the point of neurotic obsession, he thrives on answering the universe's most impenetrable questions. Though his theories often appear opaque and esoteric, Heimerdinger has crafted some of Piltover's most miraculous—not to mention lethal—machinery, and constantly tinkers with his inventions to make them even more efficient.